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We welcome all the members from the whole way across the globe to go to "6th International Conference on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine", on October 16-17, 2023 at Rome, Italy, which incorporates brief keynote introductions, poster overviews, oral talks, and exhibitions.


Stem cells are interesting cells with the capacity to separate some other cells of the body. Two kinds of undeveloped cells found in the body, embryonic and substantial, hold the gigantic remedial potential to fix and recover harmed tissues. Regenerative medication is the use of stem cell research which bridles the capability of tissue designing to animate fixed mechanism of the body and re-establish the harmed tissues and organs. Along these lines, the advancement of illness explicit treatments and therapies by misusing the surprising properties of stem cells holds trust in the progress of the personal satisfaction and endurance of patients with lasting ailments.


What to Expect?

The Stem Cell Congress 2022 has shaped our International meeting to probe into up-to-date stem cell themes through exhilarating scientific platforms in a charming, friendly atmosphere.

Learn almost the hottest science commencing a slate of international speakers

Present your exploration in an abstract-designated talk or a poster exhibition

Connect with contemporaries through various networking prospects

Publishing your article/s in our open access journals with minimum process charge

Who Should Attend?

Academic, industry and clinical researchers fascinated in stem cell biology and its therapeutic presentations are cheered to attend and share your cutting-edge research and verdicts. Attendees will hear from the privileged in the field and profit from the warm atmosphere and open give-and-take of ideas found at this conference. 

What Places the International Congress Apart?

Allied academies International Congress is where the world's prominent minds are edifice the prospect of stem cell science. They have absorbed conferences that convey together roughly 100 attendees, 30 poster presentations, and exhibitors with ground-breaking technologies. The objective is to enlarge scholastic reach, making it a handier for stem cell scientists in provinces around the biosphere.

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